...and the Winner is...

Happy Thursday!

How are all you lovelies? Hopefully you are all having a great week, have been enjoying the sunshine and are getting ready to relax and rejuvenate over the long weekend!

It’s been a busy week here at the studio, especially yesterday as we had a three hour power-outage. For any of you that were affected by that, our apologies!

This last week we pulled the winner for our Mitch Gift Basket draw and posted the video on Facebook for you all to see. Hopefully you all watched it with excitement to find out the winner! If you missed it, our big winner was Dora Macquarria from Chase! Dora also recently had a fabulous make-over. Her new look is fresh and young and we love it!

Dora receiving her big win from Jonni!













Check out Dora’s beautiful make-over!

Jonni photos salon personal 2014 325 (2) 20140514_122449