Campaign Launch and BIG NEWS!

Hello everyone,

Well. We are PUMPED! Today was kick-off day for our 2014 Paint the City Pink fundraiser and it was a HUGE success! At 11:00 today we were at the Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) to offer pink ink streaks and extensions by donations to the doctors and nurses of RIH. When we arrived at the hospital, we already had a line-up! How great is that?!

By the time we finished at 2:30, we had raised just under $500!!

This was our first year launching the fundraiser at RIH and we could not have been happier with the support we received from the staff and community. We even had a nurse dye his beard pink for the cause. How great is that?? Check it out:











Thank you again to the RIH and all those who participated to make today such a great success!

Last night we also had the pleasure of inking a few of our amazing guests so they could go out and spread the word about our fundraiser. BIG thanks to Lori Bregoliss and Denise Anderson for their generous donations. Plus – they look fabulous with their pink streaks, don’t you think?

Lori Bregoliss side Denise Anderson front











We also received some BIG news today! And this is why we LOVE the people of Kamloops…. The staff at the City of Kamloops, including the Mayor and Council, have come along side our fundraising efforts and will be hosting us at the City offices on October 10th, to all receive pink ink streaks by donation! How exciting is that?! We are thrilled!

We started Paint the City Pink three years ago and it continues to grow every year. We could not be happier! Thank you everyone for your generous support. We can’t wait to see you at the events, in the shop and around town with your pink streaks!

The team at Jonni’s