Castles and Cottages Makeover


We are absolutely loving how much fun we have had working with so many fantastic businesses in the downtown core! Some truly amazing looks and styles have been put together for this project. It was such an awesome opportunity to work with Rosie Jonasson from Castles and Cottages for this trending Bohemian Style this time around!


Sage Prokop was a lovely girl to begin with, but wanted something with a little bit more edge to it. And, who better to create this look than our young and upcoming stylist, Abra Yeomans! Who brightened up Sages Color with two different shades of PM Shines in our Ruby Slipper Red and Jet black underneath to giver her amazing shine, conditioning, and depth! Because our PM Shines is a Demi permanent color, using low level developer, NO ammonia, giving your hair a beautiful tone without color deposit and no regrowth line.  It is like a 6 week shiny topcoat for your hair! This look was completed with a beautiful shave and tattoo art created by Master Stylist Jonni Yeomans to complete an edgy layered look for Sage.


Sage’s beautiful gold foiling and hair tattoo was done by our very own body artist, Denise Anderson of “Facepainting By Denise.” Denise has been adding glitz and glam to our shoots for a while now, and we appreciate her and her talents immensely! Utilizing metallic face paints and Gold foil¬† to create this high Fashion Edge, really brought out even more of the masterpiece that we had created for Sage. Denise is also our fabulous graphic designer who works very hard at promoting the salon and putting together our Advertising campaigns and Graphics.

We were once again, very excited to have Karen from Enhanced Reflections Medi Spa on board for our makeovers. Sage’s skin was already in amazing condition, but Karen wanted to just Brighten up her complexion and bring some lightness into her skin. Using Microdermabrasion, a non invasive skin rejuvenation procedure offering advanced diamond tip Dermabrasion, and the delivery of condition specific topicals. This Procedure helps to lighten or brighten, treat acne and scarring, sun damage and age spots, and deeply hydrate and smooth with specifically formulated infusions. This Special Treatment truly made Sage have such a glow to her face, and the change was undeniable!!

And of Course, the whole look was completed with a perfectly styled outfit from Castles and Cottages Ciao Bella Boutique! “Everything a Girl Wants”, from fashions created by R&R Surplus, Cream, and Uldahl. Fabulous Footwear by Jon Fluevog, AS98, DKODE, Rover, and Freebird by Steve Madden. Unique Jewelry from Canadian Designers including Frug, Pyrrha, Hailey Gerrits, Glee, and Saraswati. Delicious Chocolates made in Vancouver from Daniel le Chocolat Belge. Truly an amazing One Stop Store!

Was there a part of this makeover that really interested you? Maybe something you feel you would like to try, or even have a chance to enter for a makeover yourself? If you would like a chance to win one of our makeovers, please send us a photo and a writeup about yourself via facebook, email, or even call into the salon today!!

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