Creating your Picture Perfect Bridal Look

Every bride imagines how she will look walking down the aisle but we all know how hard it can be to actually create that perfect image. A bride should have complete confidence not only in their styling team’s training and skills, but also in their ability to create the perfect look for the entire party. One should meet for free consultations with each one of their specialist prior to the wedding to coordinate and plan for the special day.
Finding a team of incredibly skilled, highly trained and creative professionals who will work together to create the exact look you’re going for whatever the theme, era or attitude is an essential part of wedding planning.
The experience should also be as comfortable and personal as possible. What bride wants to be running around town from the hair salon to the makeup artist with their bridesmaids in tow just hours before saying “I do”? The most convenient option is usually a team that can get together in one location or travel to the wedding venue.
A good styling team will be able to assess your needs during your free consultation to plan not only what is needed on your wedding day but the preparations and treatments necessary to ready your hair and skin in advance. A team that will work together to create perfect skin, luscious lashes, artistic nails, and the ideal fashion your hair and makeup is essential to easing stress and tension on your wedding day. Don’t forget a photographer to capture intimate backstage shots of your party’s stunning transformation and the special moments with your bridesmaids and family.
Be sure to interview for and book beauty services early and provide plenty of imputing during these consultations.
Bringing dress pictures, wedding colour swatches, and themes to consider to your free consultation provides your team with an overall feel for the wedding and allows them to help create the perfect looks you’ve always imagined. Many brides want to incorporate hair pieces, extensions, veils, antique brooches or hats to their style; be sure to share these items with your styling team so they can be included in your look.
A good stylist will not only be able to create your unique look but also know exactly how to manage your specific hair type and hold your style throughout the whole day. Some looks like loose beachy waves may need to be set the night before but a high glam set may need to be completed the morning of. Outdoor weddings for example may require special netting or pinning to insure stability on a windy day. Your free consultation also allows you plan for a trial run of your style in the days before the wedding so you can be confident that you and your styling team have created the perfect look for you.
A well trained and highly skilled stylist will provide much more than just your wedding day look. They will help you find products and treatments to keep your hair looking healthy and strong long after the wedding and to protect your hair on a tropical, or humid honeymoon.
A styling team that focuses on meeting your needs and capturing your unique personality and style is key to a stress free wedding day.

Tips from the Pros
-Chose a team that will work together and consult with them to create the perfect looks for your whole party.
-Coordinate all your services in one place and your personal preferences to ensure your special day runs smoothly.
-Decide what treatments are needed and when these should be done – Hair, skin, lash, nails etc.
-Test run styles to insure that’s the perfect look for you.
-Highlights, colours and chemical treatments should be done a week before.
-To add shine to dark hair have a high gloss top coat applied a week before.
-Have a deep conditioning treatment done in the days before your appointment to give your hair extra strength and shine.
-Facial and spa treatments should also be done in advance.
-Doing this in advance allows hair and skin time to rest and recuperate before your wedding day.
-NEVER wash your hair the day of as clean hair does not hold style as well.
-Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, pamper and exfoliate your skin and use products that provide you hair the nutrients and care it needs in preparation for your day.
-Careful planning allows you to put complete trust in your styling team and makes for a stress free and memorable wedding day!

At Jonni’s Styling Studio your wedding party can book an exclusive experience with our team in the salon creating your looks, while your party privately indulges in a selection of complimentary goodies including coffee and an “English Tea” experience. This creates an intimate and personalized experience one simply can’t get at a larger salon.
We work with some of the most skilled professionals in our city to help connect our clients with fantastic makeup artists, nail artists, spa technicians, and photographers who can create the perfect team for your perfect special day!
Jonni and her team have over 30 years over experience and are well versed in all trends and eras from 50s glam, to edgy boho chic, to 70s beachy waves, to a classic pin up vibe. They have the creativity to incorporate your own personal spin and with colour, hairpieces, and veils. Our team consists of incredibly talented individuals who strive to make dreams come true and create the perfect one of a kind bridal party look you imaged while making you feel like the special, beautiful bride you truly are!