Jonni's is heading the new Downtown Makeover Project!

Jonni’s is very excited to announce that owner and master stylist, Jonni Yeomans is heading the new downtown community makeover project which is set to take place at the end of the month on Monday, March 30th!





Jonni is set to showcase the project this coming Monday, March 16th alongside Susan Edgell on the CFJCTV Midday Show to give the details and information regarding the first makeover.

She is excited to be teaming up with other downtown community businesses to showcase what the downtown has to offer to visitors and residents of Kamloops. Some of the other retailers she will be working with are Get Polished, Jardines Domain, Viva Bridal, The Look Boutique, Ruby Room, Bikini Bills, Castles and Cottages & Lavender Lingerie!

The makeover will consist of future participants entering the contest with a recent photo of themselves and a short write-up of why they believe they are in need of the makeover.

Jonni, owner and master stylist of Jonni’s styling studio, will be providing hair services in the form of cutting, coloring and styling for each winner, and will be teaming alongside 2-3 other businesses to make them over with current clothing, shoes,  accessories and other spa services to give them a fresh new look from the downtown stores.

Be sure to tune in this coming Monday, March 16th on the Midday show for more details and how you can enter in to win the next downtown makeover!