Paint the City Pink Kick-Off a Huge Success

Hey all!

Happy Monday! So as you all know, we are running our Paint the City Pink campaign, and so far, thank you to all of you, it’s been a HUGE success!

On September 18th we launched the event at the RIH and after only three hours, the generosity of everyone at RIH raised almost $900.00! Then on Monday, we were hosted by the Midday show, where we got to talk about our campaign and for the second year in a row, give Susan Edgell her very own pink streaks. So much fun! And then today, we were at the North Shore YMCA and saw lots of participants, including whole families who received their ink together! Make sure to check out our facebook page to see pictures and videos from the events!

With only two weeks into the campaign, already half way to beating last year’s total donations, and closing the gap on reaching the half-way mark to this year’s goal, we have already raised over $1000 to be donated directly to the RIH Foundation. We are PUMPED!!

If you haven’t received your pink ink yet, make sure to come and see us tomorrow at the Downtown YMCA from 11:30am – 2:30pm, on Saturday October 4th at 11:30am before Run for the Cure on Sunday, or come to the studio anytime during the month of October.

We can’t wait to see you rocking some pink and bringing awareness to this important cause!

the team at Jonnis