Products on Sale at Jonni's!

LitreduosOne of our favorite product promotions has started up again! Paul Mitchell’s amazing litre duo promotion has started and we are excited to say we have lots of product in to meet all of your hair care needs. Right now, the salon we have the Awapuhi Wild Ginger, Extra-body, Tea Tree, Lavender Mint, Lemon Sage, and Shampoo one litre duo sets. These duos allow for guests to get the most product for dollar spent, as these litres last a very long time!

If you are looking for some great product for the cold winter weather, we definitely recommend our Tea Tree line, which creates an invigorating tingly sensation and is great for treating the scalp when it is dry and the weather is cold outside.

For adding thickness and volume to the hair, we suggest trying out our Lemon Sage duos or our Extra body duos which contain energizing ingredients for the hair.

If you are looking for something relaxing and hydrating, try out Paul Mitchell’s Lavender Mint duo line, which both smells amazing and adds healthy moisture to the hair in any season.

For the remainder of this month, as we continue to celebrate 30 years in business, all products are 10% off for the first product purchased, 20% off for the second product purchased, and 30% for the third product purchased.

Be sure to come stock up on your favorite products before they’re gone! Inventory is limited!