Ramming It

Hey all!

Happy Monday! You all know how excited we have been about our partnership with the Derby Girls of Kamloops in creating a calendar for a fundraiser to sponsor a team to the Special Olympics next year! These ladies are amazing and we are thrilled to be able to showcase them in our blog over the next few weeks.

So far we have showcased Ram Bumptious and just today Yvonne the Terrible on our FB page (check them out here:

But today on the blog we are showcasing Ram – this gorgeous girl:


Ram Bumptious   #34
I learnt to roller-skate when I was 4, and grew up at the Roller Disco every Friday night with 3 generations of my family.
Since I am incredibly Klutzy, I have always loved having wheels beneath my feet- It is one way that my feet can actually keep up with the rest of me, and prevent disaster!
I have always been very athletic, and heavily involved in sport- running, surfing, judo, basketball. Lots of the sports I have been involved in either let me go fast, or allowed me to be strong and aggressive. Roller Derby is the perfect mix of speed and strength, and incredibly addictive!
When I started Derby 4 seasons ago, I knew I wanted to be a Jammer ~ I couldn’t give up the chance of going fast! My favorite part about being a Jammer is when time seems to slow down, and the pack unfolds before me, letting me see the holes, almost like a full contact meditation.
I am very competitive, and super stubborn, which works surprisingly well in derby- I am naturally determined to “make it happen”, be that getting through the pack, getting my points, or pushing my opponents out of my way!
Derby has been so much more for me than a sport, or a way to be active. The women who play Derby are amazing in so many ways, and the Derby community is so open armed and welcoming. This has enabled me to not only make friends throughout the world, but also allowed me to develop professionally- by giving me the ability to design and create, both for my league, and for businesses referred to me by league-mates.
For anyone who thinks Derby might be for them, but is scared that they might not be able to handle the contact or wheels beneath them, I say “DO IT!”. You will discover you are able to do so much more than you could ever imagine, and Derby is a great way to push yourself to your absolute limits!
Stayed tuned on Thursday for our next bio! We can’t wait to see you in the shop!
The team at Jonni’s